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What Is Connectively and How Does it Work?

Connectively emerges as the new platform for media engagement. Evolving from the well-known HARO system to offer enhanced features and opportunities for journalists and experts alike.


Connectively emerges as the new platform for media and public relations engagement. Evolving from the well-known HARO system to offer enhanced features and opportunities for journalists and experts alike.

What is Connectively?

Connectively is a platform designed to connect journalists, PR professionals, and subject matter experts. It serves as a digital hub for media collaboration, aiming at improving communication and outreach efforts in the realm of media and public relations.

Connectively also plays a significant role in SEO enhancement. By connecting experts with high-quality media outlets, it gives opportunities for securing high Domain Authority (DA) backlinks, an essential element for boosting online visibility and search engine rankings.


Originally known as Help A Reporter Out (HARO), Connectively represents the evolution of this well-established service. HARO, widely recognized for connecting journalists with a vast network of sources and expertise, has transitioned into Connectively to offer a more streamlined, user-friendly, and feature-rich experience.

This transition marks a significant shift in how media queries and responses are managed in post-ChatGPT world, catering to the growing needs of modern digital communication.

Who Uses Connectively?

  • Journalists seeking credible expert sources for their stories.

  • PR professionals focused on pitching to journalists with compelling narratives.

  • Experts across various fields seeking to share their insights and knowledge. 

  • Content creators aiming to amplify their organic reach.

How It Works?

Connectively Queries Interface

1. Signing up

Connectively provides a user-friendly interface that acts as a digital city center. It allows you to create an account as a journalist or subject matter experts. Based on your selected role, you'll be presented with different interfaces. We'll focus on how to use Connectively as a subject matter expert in this article.

2. Filters and Search Functionality

Journalists post detailed queries on the platform, specifying the type of expertise they need. As experts and PR professionals, you can use the filter and search functionality to find queries related to you.

3. Pitching a journalist

Once you find a relevant query you can answer, you can use the platform to pitch your insights or commentary directly in response to these queries. When your commentary is used, journalists may include a backlink to your website, which is when the value comes in.

Key Features of Connectively

  • Searchable Database Connectively boasts a searchable database that allows users to quickly locate queries and pitches. This feature is vital for users to effortlessly find relevant opportunities and information.

  • Pitch Form Integration The platform integrates a pitch form, simplifying the process of responding to queries. Users can easily submit their pitches directly through this form.

  • Real-Time Query Updates One of Connectively's standout features is the real-time update of journalist queries. This ensures that users have access to the most current opportunities. Allowing for timely and relevant responses.

How is Connectively Different from HARO?

Here is a summary all the differences between Connectively and HARO:

  • Pay-to-Pitch Model: Unlike HARO's free approach, Connectively introduces a "pay to pitch" model. This approach is designed to enhance the quality of interactions on the platform.

  • New User-friendly UI: Connectively is lauded for its user-friendly interface and flexible tools, such as real-time query posting, filtering and search capabilities. All of this help with finding and responding to media opportunities.

  • No more HARO email: Long HARO emails is a thing of the past. You can now access all the opportunities directly in the UI.

  • Enhanced User Profiles: The platform allows for detailed expert profiles, showcasing unique qualifications and expertise.

  • Improved Organization and Efficiency: With features like keyword searches and deadline tracking, Connectively offers a more organized and efficient experience for both journalists and PR professionals.

We'll go into each of these aspects and offer a more detailed breakdown.

New Pay to Pitch Pricing

Connectively's Pitch Purchasing UI
Connectively's Pitch Purchasing UI

With Connectively's "pay to pitch" model, the first 5 pitches per month are free for each account. Each additional pitch costs $0.99, with a slight discount if you purchase more pitches.

Why this is actually a good thing?

For more experts looking to share their knowledge, this is a very good change. Here's why:

Ever since ChatGPT became available, there has been a huge influx of GPT-generated spam floating on the HARO platform. This new financial barrier is likely to significantly reduce the volume of generic, AI-generated, or low-effort submissions, thereby increasing the chances your pitch will stand out on the new platform.

This model aligns with the goal of providing high-value connections, differentiating it from HARO's earlier free-to-use approach. This shift is expected to refine the overall quality and relevance of communications, benefiting both journalists and those pitching to them.

New Subscription Plan

Connectively Pricing Plan
Connectively's New Subscription Plan

Connectively's subscription tier offers enhanced features. The plan includes 15 pitches per month, 2 sets of keyword filters, email alerts on the filters. The subscription costs $19 per month, offering a more comprehensive use of the platform.

Key Aspects of the Subscription Plans:

  • 15 Pitches per Month: Offers more pitching opportunities than the free plan.

  • 2 Sets of Keyword Filters: Enhances the ability to target pitches effectively.

  • Email Alerts: Keeps users informed of new opportunities and updates.

Is the Subscription Worth It?

The value of a Connectively subscription depends on your specific needs. For active users who regularly exceed the free pitch limit, it can be more cost-effective to purchase credits directly.

The added features like keyword filters and email alerts on those keywords can be useful, but it's still recommended to go through each query yourself so you don't miss any queries not tagged with those keywords. Alternatively you can consider hiring a virtual assistant or using an AI to go through your queries.

How Can Connectively Help You?

Using Connectively effectively can lead to profound and impactful media exposure, as illustrated by the experience of Dr. Pooja Lakshmin, who obtained a backlink from Forbes (DA 94).

A backlink from Forbes obtained through Connectively (HARO)

Beyond just getting a big SEO boosts, here are all the benefits we think you'll get by using Connectively:

  • Access to Journalists at Scale Connectively improves PR efforts by offering a centralized platform where journalists and sources can directly connect. This reduces the time spent on searching and pitching to journalists who might not be interested.

  • Build Powerful Backlinks For professionals seeking to enhance their SEO, Connectively serves as a valuable tool for building authoritative backlinks. You can secure mentions and links in reputable publications like Forbes and The New York Times.

  • Build Long-Term Relationships Connectively doesn't just facilitate one-time media opportunities. It fosters the development of lasting relationships between professionals and journalists. By consistently building relationships with relevant journalists in your niche, you will gain invaluable exposure and connections in the long term.

Cost Analysis - Connectively vs. Link-building Agency

Comparing the cost of using Connectively for acquiring backlinks versus purchasing backlinks from an agency reveals significant differences in strategy, cost, and potential outcomes.

Cost for Connectively

With Connectively's new "pay to pitch" model, where additional pitches beyond the initial free ones cost $0.99 each, you can expect around 10% conversion rate. Some people even claim to have 25% or more, but it greatly depends on your niche and level of expertise.

Overall, expect to spend only $10-$20 on each backlink obtained through Connectively.

Cost of Agency Backlinks

Purchasing backlinks from agencies can vary widely in price. The cost is influenced by several factors, including the Domain Authority (DA) of the linking site, the quality of the backlink, the niche, and the reputation of your brand.

For instance, a backlink from a site with a DA of 50+ might range from $350 to $1000, while niche edit link building services could charge around $225 per link placement. In contrast, comprehensive custom link-building campaigns by agencies start at around $2,500 per month, potentially offering a more tailored approach to link building.

ROI and Long-Term Benefits

When considering the ROI of backlinks, it's crucial to think about long-term benefits like increased organic traffic and better search engine rankings. Quality content and strategic outreach play significant roles in this process. While bought backlinks can quickly improve domain authority, organic methods of using Connectively offer long-term connections, increased traffic and authority in your niche.

Cost Analysis Summary

Connectively's model offers a cost-effective way to secure high-quality backlinks. The agency route might be more suitable for those that are not concerned with the quality of the backlinks. Think of the agency route as a hands-off approach. The choice between these two methods should be based on your specific needs, budget, and long-term SEO strategy.

Getting Started with Connectively


To start using Connectively, visit their website and click on Join Now. The process involves creating a profile where you can highlight your expertise or needs. This profile setup helps in getting journalists to understand your expertise.

Profile Creation

Start by creating a detailed profile on Connectively. This profile should highlight your expertise, background, and any relevant experience. Including links to your website, social media profiles, and published articles or interviews can increase your visibility and credibility on the platform.

If you have previously landed any media mentions, make sure to include them in your profile.

Exploring Queries

Connectively offers a continually updated stream of journalist queries. Regularly explore these queries using the platform's search and filter functions. These filters include keywords, news outlets, topics, deadlines, and date posted, allowing you to zero in on queries that align with your expertise.

Submitting Your Pitch

When you find a relevant query, respond directly through Connectively’s integrated pitch form. Personalize your pitch for each query, ensuring it aligns closely with the journalist's request and outlet's style.

To maximize your chance of success, focus on adding unique value in your responses, keeping them extremely relevant to the journalist's request. Avoid generic statements and ensure your pitches demonstrate your specific expertise on the topic.

You can also find our free pitch template below.

Rinse & Repeat

Stay active on Connectively. Regularly check for new queries and respond promptly, ideally within a few hours of their posting.

Getting started with Connectively can seem daunting, but once you get a system going and a couple mentions, it becomes a lot easier. It's important to remember that the true value lies in the long-term benefits.

Our Winning Pitch Template 

Here's a template to guide your pitches on Connectively:

Subject: [Brief, catchy subject highlighting your expertise]

Hi [Journalist's Name],

I'm [Your Name], serving as [Your Role] at [Your Company]. With a background spanning over [X] years in [Niche], I bring a depth of knowledge and insight [why]. In response to your recent HARO inquiry, please find my detailed input below:


[HARO Pitch]


Should you need any additional information or have further questions, I'm readily available to assist.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Role]

[Attach Headshot]

[Company Name]


Connectively's launch marks a significant evolution in media and PR engagement. It offers an array of functionalities that modernize and enhance the process of connecting journalists with experts. It's a promising tool for professionals seeking efficient collaboration and exposure in their respective fields.