Revolutionizing Media Connections through AI Innovation.

At PressPulse AI, our mission is to harness the power of AI to bridge the gap between journalists and experts, fostering the sharing of powerful ideas and the emergence of meaningful connections.

A Note From Our Founder

Hi, I'm Elvis, the Founder at

My entrepreneurial journey, marked by founding four startups, is rooted in a passion for creating impactful solutions and also sharing my learnings along the way. This path led me to discover HARO. My first HARO mention goes way back to 2021.

That initial experience with HARO opened my eyes to its potential, but also to the challenges of finding the right opportunities amidst numerous possibilities. Together with the latest innovations in AI sparked the creation of PressPulse AI, aimed at simplifying this process for professionals who face similar challenges.

At PressPulse AI, we embody the spirit of bootstrap entrepreneurship. Our team, though small, is fiercely dedicated to our mission.

I believe in the power of transparency and connection. That's why I share our startup journey on X (Twitter), offering full visibility into the ups and downs of building a business from scratch. You can follow me there for regular updates of, personal insights, and a healthy dose of entrepreneurial inspiration.


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