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HARO's New Connectively System is Now Pay to Pitch

HARO's new Connectively it will require $1/pitch beyond the free 10 pitches per month. This change will go into effect in 2024. Here's what people are saying about it on Reddit.


Help a Reporter Out (HARO), a platform widely used by journalists and sources for media opportunities, has recently introduced a significant update: the Connectively system.

Connectively's Pay to Pitch Pricing Model

Connectively is HARO's latest update, featuring a new pricing user interface. Under this system, after the initial 10 free pitches per month, users will be charged $1 per pitch. This change aims to tackle the challenge of spam, especially from responses generated by AI tools like GPT models.

Connectively's Pitch Purchasing UI
Connectively's Pitch Purchasing UI

For most people who are hoping to share unique insights in exchange for press coverage, this is a very good change, here's why:

  • Reduces Spam: The $1 charge per pitch beyond the first five free pitches each month is expected to significantly cut down on spam, particularly from AI-generated content.

  • Higher Quality Responses for Journalists: With the reduction in spam, the overall quality of pitches is likely to improve. This benefits both journalists looking for credible sources and experts seeking meaningful media exposure.

  • Easier to Stand Out for Sources: By curbing the volume of AI-generated pitches, Connectively now gives individuals with genuine expertise a much higher change to stand out.

  • Incentivizes Serious Inquiries: The pricing model discourages casual or non-serious inquiries, ensuring that journalists using the service are genuinely interested in media collaboration.

New Subscription Plans

HARO's new Connectively system also introduces 3 new subscription tiers, which brings additional features and options for users.

Connectively Pricing Plan
Connectively's New Subscription Plan

Core Plan: Key aspects breakdown:

Here are some areas to note with the Core Plan:

  • Enhanced Pitch Limit:

    • The subscription tier offers 25 pitches per month instead of 10. This is equivalent to spending $12 on buying pitches.

  • Additional Keyword Filters:

    • Subscribers gain access to keyword filters, you can save up to 2 keyword searches.

  • Email Alerts:

    • Get email alerts when the new results are added to the 2 keyword searches.

  • View Full Public Profiles:

    • Connectively claims you can view public profiles of other Connectively users. The usefulness of this is still to be determined as the platform is still very new and most journalists don't have a detailed profile.

Pro and Premier Plans: A Closer Look

  • Enhanced Pitch Limit:

    • The subscription tiers offer 50 and 150 pitches, at the cost of $49 and $149 per month.

  • Additional Keyword Filters:

    • Subscribers gain access to keyword filters, you can save up to 6 and 20 keyword searches.

  • Email Alerts:

    • You'll also receive email alerts on all the keyword filters you configure.

Currently, we don't believe these plans are cost-effectively with its current offering, here's why.

Pitch Credits Discrepancy

Pitch Credits Discrepancy: At first glance, the allocation of pitch credits in these plans does seem counterintuitive. With the Core plan offering 25 pitches for just one profile and the Pro plan offering 50 pitches (but now for up to 3 profiles), the per-profile pitch allowance effectively decreases as you upgrade. Similarly, the Premier plan, while providing 150 pitches across 10 profiles, still dilutes the number of pitches available per profile compared to the lower tiers. This could pose a limitation for agencies that require a high volume of pitches for each client they manage.

Saved Searches Limitation

The saved searches feature appears not to scale optimally with the number of profiles. For instance, in the Premier plan, while one can manage up to 10 profiles, having only 20 saved searches may not suffice for agencies that need tailored searches for different clients. This setup could complicate the management of client-specific opportunities, potentially leading to a less efficient workflow and the risk of missing out on relevant queries.

Implications for Agencies

  • Workflow Efficiency: Managing multiple profiles without proportionate increases in pitch credits and saved searches per profile can lead to inefficiencies. Agencies might find themselves needing to prioritize or ration their pitching efforts, which could hinder their ability to fully leverage the platform for all clients.

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: The value proposition for agencies using the Pro or Premier plans becomes less clear if the allocation of resources does not align with the needs of managing multiple profiles effectively. The cost of upgrading for more profiles, without a corresponding increase in per-profile capabilities, may not justify the investment for some agencies.

Is the Connectively Subscription worth it?

Not really. Considering the economics and practicality of HARO's new subscription tier, the value proposition may not align with the needs of all users.

The core of the subscription, at $19 per month, essentially boils down to spending $7 monthly for just two additional keyword filters - a feature that might not be as efficient or comprehensive in capturing all relevant opportunities. As a result one will still have to manually go through all the queries.

Our recommendation leans towards a more strategic approach: utilizing an AI assistant service for more nuanced and thorough filtering, followed by crafting and sending pitches manually.

This not only ensures a more targeted approach but also offers flexibility to purchase credits as needed. This strategy could prove to be more cost-effective and efficient, especially for users looking to maximize their reach without overspending on features that might not significantly enhance their media outreach efforts.

Reddit Community Insights

We shared this news in the r/seogrowth and r/seo subreddits.

Some Reddit users believe that the change could reduce the number of spam pitches, thereby improving the quality of responses for journalists. Others are skeptical about the value of the subscription plan, suggesting alternative approaches like using AI for more accurate filtering and manual pitching.

However, there's a general consensus that this update will significantly improve the landscape of HARO, and many users are excited about the change.


The introduction of Connectively by HARO represents a significant shift in how media outreach and sourcing are conducted. It is now an even better tool for professionals looking to share their expertise and become a thought leader in their domain.