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How to Get Natural Backlinks

Whether you're new to SEO or looking to enhance your current approach, our guide provides simple yet powerful techniques to boost your website's performance and overall success.


Backlinks are as important as word-of-mouth recommendations in traditional business. They serve as endorsements that improve a website's visibility and credibility, much like how a good recommendation can boost a business's reputation and customer trust. Now, for people who aren’t as familiar with backlinks or are just entering the world of the digital landscape, you might be wondering, “Why?”

For starters, backlinks are essential connections from one website to another. They are not just “links”; they are like a seal of approval from one site to yours. When a website chooses to link to your website for, let’s say, recommendations, reviews, or even quotes, it’s essentially saying, “This content is pretty cool, and our audience should know it!”

But why does this matter so much, right? Well, in SEO, these backlinks are an important factor in determining how a search engine ranks your site.

For example, if you’ve been producing great content but no high-quality backlinks, then that means search engines like Google will likely not consider your site to be relevant, which in turn will make your rankings lower and mean you’ll have less visibility, less traffic, and fewer growth opportunities. And if you’re just starting your business or you’re a digital marketer wanting more people to know you and your offerings… that is such a DISASTER.

don’t worry, you don’t need to write a whole thesis kind of article just to get backlinks. Grab your pen and take notes on these strategies to gain natural backlinks.

Content Creation & Marketing

The first thing you need to know in the digital space if you’re a professional is creating content and marketing. Now, when I say “content and marketing,” it isn’t just about posting anything and everything. It's about understanding your audience and delivering content that is not just high-quality but also genuinely valuable and engaging. Think of it as creating a masterpiece that people can't resist talking about and sharing. This could be anything from a well-researched article, or a viral video, to an insightful podcast. The key here is to make the content so good that other websites will want to associate themselves with it by linking to it.

Comprehensive Guides, Tutorials, or Case Studies

These resources position you as a thought leader and a go-to expert in your niche. They provide immense value to your audience and naturally encourage other websites to reference and link to your work. It's like creating a source of information that becomes indispensable for others in your industry.

Checking and Repairing Your Broken Links

Regularly checking your website for broken links and fixing them not only improves the user experience but also enhances your site's reliability and quality. Remember, a link that leads nowhere is a missed opportunity for visibility and connection.

Leveraging Digital PR and Infographics

These are powerful tools for storytelling and presenting information in a visually appealing way (If you’re a creative visual type of professional, then this is perfect for you!) When done right, an infographic can simplify complex data, making it easier for your audience to understand and, more importantly, share. This factor is what makes infographics a go-to method for acquiring backlinks naturally.

Claiming Unlinked Mentions

Claiming unlinked mentions is one of the simplest and fastest techniques out there. You can do this by simply utilizing tools like Google Alert, BuzzSumo, Mention, or Ahrefs Content Explorer. Whenever your brand or content is mentioned but not linked, reach out to the site owner and politely ask for a link. It may be the simplest, and easiest, but it’s effective and requires minimal effort compared to the other strategies.

Featured on Resource Pages

Resource pages are like the community bulletin boards of the internet. By getting your site featured on these pages, you become one of the recommended go-to resources in your industry. It’s a matter of identifying these pages and reaching out to the curators with a compelling reason to include your site.

Writing for Others within the Same Industry

Writing for others in the same industry is definitely an effective way to not only flex your expertise but also earn natural backlinks. Why? Because writing guest posts or articles for other websites in your industry is a win-win. You provide them with great content, and in return, you get a natural backlink to your site. It’s about leveraging your knowledge and sharing it where it matters.

Collaborating on Projects or Interviews

Collaboration is a new competition. By teaming up with other businesses or professionals in your industry for projects or interviews, you're not only expanding your network but also creating opportunities for natural backlinks. Each partnership can open doors to new audiences and backlink prospects.

Skyscraper Technique

This one’s a game-changer. It involves finding top-performing content in your niche, creating something even better, and then reaching out to the same sites that linked to the original content to link to yours instead. It’s about outdoing the best and climbing to the top.


In conclusion, earning natural backlinks doesn’t have to be a puzzle. By applying these tactics slash strategies, you can enhance your website's authority and visibility in a way that feels both professional and genuine. Remember, it's about creating value, building relationships, and being proactive in your approach.